We're Heidi & Jesse

We both grew up in #NEPA. We've enjoyed living in different areas of Maryland, Pennsylvania & West Virginia. In 2012 an opportunity came our way to live abroad so we packed it all up and moved to Eskilstuna, Sweden. We've eaten our fair share of Swedish meatballs, frolicked in the forest, rode our bikes year round (yes - even in the winter and below freezing tempts), went mushroom picking, and we even tried Surströmming (who are we kidding - we took one whiff and it was a NO from us). #NICETRYSWEDES #WESTILLLOVEYOU. As much as we loved our life abroad (the unforgettable memories & close friendships we made) it was time for warmer days. After seven years of life in Sweden, we packed it all up again and headed back to the states. We are now defrosting in Tampa, Florida #sunsandsea.

Countries we've explored

Canada, England, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Riga, Malta, Norway, Poland, Sweden

MEET #teamstradnick

Heidi Stella

Lead photographer, filmmaker, editor

I have a long love of photography reaching far back to the days of film photography. Yep! I'm old school and I L O V E B&W photography and creating films. Capturing motion and creating highlight films from our travels is what sparked my interest in videography on a professional level. It's such an honor engaging with clients and learning how we can help them before, during, and after their sessions. It's my nature to be thorough, a quick responder, mindful, creative, and helpful.

Jesse James


I love working from a distance and responsibly capturing our bird's eye view both commercially and during lifestyle sessions. During your session you'll find me helping with posing and setting appropriate scenes. Behind the scenes, I work diligently organizing and getting us ready for commercial shoots as well as lifestyle/wedding shoots. I'm an avid researcher, love reading professional development books, and am a best practice enthusiast.

Note: The FAA requires commercial drone pilots to obtain a "license" to fly. Is your drone pilot certified by the FAA to fly commercially? Ask them!

What it's like to work with us

"Heidi and Jesse went ABOVE and BEYOND to provide me and my fiancé with amazing engagement photos! We were very pleased. Would recommend to anyone 100%."
- C.S.
"Had the most fun working with Heidi and her team. The results of my branding session absolutely floored me! Who knew how much of an impact her photography would have on my social media presence! I would recommend her to anyone!"
"Excellent, excellent work! Heidi and Jesse are a phenomenal team of professionals. You will not be disappointed in their work!"
"Heidi and Jesse are beasts at capturing moments. What an amazing experience it was working with them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. "

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